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As a small business owner, working with Sue has been encouraging, empowering, and has impacted my business goals in a positive way! Sue was able to provide consultation on business expansion, marketing, and sales that would have taken many hours of personal research to obtain. She built my business website and brought me into the process so I learned how to build and manage the online platform! Her consultation, in regards to sales and marketing has been an invaluable asset. Sue helped my business build an “easy to navigate” online store for our clients and afterwards, we saw a 30% increase in sales within one quarter! She’s also helped my business by designing marketing content for social media, flyers for physical distribution, and brought re-branding guidelines to help us stand out and market our service effectively. Whether you are new to the market, well established, or simply someone seeking business and marketing expertise, I cannot suggest investing in Sue enough! ~ Jason M. | Scoop Doggy Dogg

“Sue has been there before and had very valuable advice for us. She was very efficient with the time and ran through a long list of questions I had sent her. She was very helpful and comes highly recommended.” Austin A. | Rebel Creamery

“Sue was very helpful and knowledgeable about the food industry. She had done research before out call and therefore was prepared and direct with her counsel. I look forward to speaking our next call.” Steve W.

“Sue is highly knowledgeable and creative. She worked with ta to create an identity and strategy that spoke to the heart of my mission. She’s not only business savvy, but a lot of fun to work with! I highly recommend anyone looking for business and marketing expertise to work with her.” Elaine H. | Retreat2Wellness/Travel Valise

“Sue delivers up-to-date marketing expertise along with strong interpersonal skills. This combination of abilities has made her a highly valuable contributor to our team, on both the technical and relational sides. Sue is an action-oriented problem solver whose creative energy will undoubtedly benefit your project.” Leela M. | Cru Global

“Sue possesses that rare combination of expecting disciplined follow through on goals and assignments, all the while cheering you on in a caring and personable way. And she know her stuff. I’m consistently motivated to work on what we’ve agreed upon as my next step. I think it boils down to a high degree of trust – I can trust Sue to guide me towards those deep down things that I want to accomplish.” Susie R.